Throughout the year the Council conducts a range of free business online workshops and seminars (Webinars) covering a broad range of topics including: sales, finance, human resources management, marketing, mediation, legislative issues, trade barriers, intellectual property and more.

The Council also supports the delivery of Webinars from other organisations (e.g. service providers, industry associations, non-profit organisations, legislators etc.)

Notifications of upcoming Webinars are sent via email to all Council members.

Benefits of attending a Webinar:

  • Hot and applicable topics: Spend between 60-90 minutes of your time to gain knowledge the most applicable topics in your field.
  • Reputable and experienced presenters:  Webinars are conducted by presenters with world-recognised reputation and long term experiences in the fields.
  • Interactive: Throughout the presentation there are opportunities to ask questions and submit feedback.
  • Time effective: The average webinar takes between 60-90 minutes. There is no cost of travelling and taking days off work, and participants  still receive the same learning outcomes as a regular workshop.
  • Cost effective: Webinars are free to Council members. In addition, there is no need to spend on airfares, hotels, car rentals or enterainment.
  • Convenient: You can attend a Webinar in your office or at home at your own convenience.
  • Easy to use: All you need to have is a computer with high speed Internet connection and a computer headset with a high quality microphone. All you need to do is to click on the link in the invitation email and start joining the workshop.
  • Additional credentials for your portfolio: Participants receive a certificate of attendance upon request.

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Click on the titles below to expand:

8 Dangerous Myths about Trademark Registration

Learn About:

  • What trademarks are
  • What is a brandable name
  • Why you must start early
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on your incorporation to protect your brand name
  • The difference between registering and being able to use a trademark
  • The process of registering a trademark

Speaker: Andrei Mincov, Mincov Law Corporation

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9 Biggest Mistakes Construction Companies Make on Proposals

Learn About:

  • The biggest mistakes that construction companies make on tenders and other proposals and how to overcome them.

Speaker: Perryn Olson, The Brand Constructors

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A Manager's Guide to Training That Gets Results

Learn About:

  • Components of a well-designed training program
  • Conditions that enable performance
  • The five steps to planning training
  • Assessing performance needs
  • Evaluating training needs
  • Designing a suitable training program
  • Supporting the transfer of learning

Speaker: Marie Antaya, Eclectic Communications

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Are you making use of the world’s strongest patent while you still can?

Learn About:

  • History of Second Tier Patent Protection
  • Innovation Patent and Innovative Step
  • Prosecution Strategies
  • Litigation Strategies
  • Demise of the Innovation Patent

Speaker: Anthony Lee, Madderns

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Avoiding the Contractor Trap: How to Hire the Best Candidates Quickly and Legally

The presentation will:

  • Explore motivations for expanding business overseas and discuss the options for hiring quickly
  • Define “independent contractor” and examine the risks of mis-classification
  • Discuss the use of sales agents in Europe
  • Explain the Global PEO and the legal implications of using one
  • Clarify legal requirements for direct employee relationships
  • Walk through the decision process for setting up a subsidiary, using a Global PEO, or hiring a contractor
  • Reveal how to transition to a long term solution
  • Identify common problems
  • Share strategies for risk mitigation

Speakers: Jane Booth – Globalization Partners & Steve Wilson – Osborne Clarke

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)

Building Operational Cost Savings

Are you needing to save on operating costs at your premises? This webinar walks through the basics of conducting a building operational cost audit, from getting a handle on your energy and water use to putting best management practices to work for your bottom line. This introductory webinar familiarizes participants with the steps required to conduct an audit and provides advice on how to establish a ‘to-do / check-list’ to ensure that ongoing checks are quick and easy. Find out more about this webinar on this information page.

PowerPoint Presentation

Video Recording:
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Commercial Collections: The Litigation Option

Learn About:

  • What is a Commercial Collection?
  • Using an Attorney as a Collection Tool
  • Cases Eligible for Litigation
  • Choosing your Attorney
  • Proper Attorney Fee Structure
  • Information Needed to Effectively Litigate A Commercial Collections Case
  • What to Expect – The Process

Speaker:  William Rudow, Rudow Law Group, LLC

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Competitiveness and Innovation on the 21st Century

Learn About:

  • Barriers to competitiveness
  • Different models for innovation
  • Why innovation is difficult
  • What can we do
  • The circle of innovation

Speaker: Michele Vincenti, Alvana Business Consulting Inc

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Creating a Culture of Engagement with Health and Communications Strategies

Learn About:

  • Increasing engagement and collaboration with teams using Emotional Intelligence communication tools & wellness strategies
  • Practical and easy to implement solutions for nutrition, exercise and stress management
  • Strategies for implementing a successful wellness program in your company

Speaker: Patricia M.L. Conlin, President, Global Consulting Group Inc

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Designing Immersive At-Purchase Moments

The world is witnessing the convergence of two massive trends that will influence and impact how we create meaningful user experiences.

One of these trends is the rise of the millennial customer segment as the single most important purchasing and influencing segment around the globe. The second of these trends is the rise of fifth dimension design through the use of virtual goggles and new projection devices that create immersive experiences quickly emerging as a key influencer on how the new consumer wants to engage with brands. Understanding how to cater and drive unique immersive branded user experiences is critical in brands succeeding in gaining market share and growth.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Millennial engagement with brands
  • What is their awareness of 5D experiences
  • What are the various types of immersive experiences
  • Five factors you need to consider when creating your next immersive experience

Speaker: Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Shikatani Lacroix

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)

Doing Business in India

Learn About:

  • Indias Economic and Political Outlook
  • Government Programmes for 2015-2018
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Corporation Proection

Speaker: RK Aggarwal, Aggarwal Associates

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Foreign Businesses Opening a US Office, and the L1 visa

Learn About:

  • The differences in types of business visas; including H, E, EB, and L.
  • What documents are needed to prove your business has been operational prior to entering the United States market.
  • Investment visas, and what is involved in EB5 and E2 investments.
  • Pending legislation aimed at making L visas harder to acquire.
  • Starting an office in the US – the paperwork and how to get setup.
  • Proving viability – how to show you have sufficient funds to operate in the American market place.
  • Whether to seek a green card (LPR status) or non-immigrant business status.
  • How to bring your employee families over to the United States.

Speaker: Mr. Sean Hanover, Esq – Hanover Law

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)

How to Anticipate Industry Disruptions: Five Proven Methodologies

Learn About:

  • Growth Strategizing
  • The Five Forces That Shape Industry Competition
  • Strategic Considerations of Industry Disruptions
  • Selling Your Ideas
  • Increasing the Odds of Success

Speaker: Bryan Mattimore – The Growth Engine

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)

International and inter-cultural mediation as a way to resolve conflict

Mediation is a process of dialogue and negotiation in which a third party assists two or more disputant parties, with their consent, to prevent, manage or resolve a conflict without resort to force. The general goal is to enable the parties to reach agreements they find satisfactory.

This Webinar Will Help You To:

  • Understand why conflicts start and the best way to end them through mediation
  • Harness various methods for dealing with intractable problems
  • Resolve issues without resorting to expensive and/or time-consuming legal avenues

Speaker: Lynn Cole , President of the Cole Academy, International Mediation Training

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)
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International Trade - Major Changes on the Horizon

Learn About:

  • The World Trade Organization
  • The Trade Facilitation Agreement
  • The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015
  • Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s)
  • The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)
  • The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
  • ACE – Automated Commercial Environment
  • What Are Customs Trusted Partners?
  • PGAs – Partner Government Agencies
  • C-TPAT – Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • Centers for Excellence and Expertise
  • How to Ensure Your Company is Ready

Speaker: Steve Fodor, Customs Services & Solutions Inc

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)

Marketing To 50+ Customers

Mark Twain once said, “The problem ain’t what you know, it’s what you know that ain’t so.” This thought-provoking and practical program provides a commonsense approach to connecting with Baby Boomer and older customer. Challenging stereotypical thinking and aging myths, the program provides new in-depth marketing principles, insights, tactics, and techniques. The program helps participants understand better the mind of target markets resulting in improved traditional and online marketing and increased desired actions. Find out more on the information page for this webinar.

PowerPoint Presentation

Video Recording:
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Patent Portfolio Development for Licensing and Monetization

Learn About:

  • Guidelines to Patent Portfolio Development
  • Selecting the Appropriate Technology – Identify Assets
  • Patent Audit
  • Converting Information to Advantage
  • Competitive Surveillance
  • Improving an Already Existing Product
  • Fitting Your Patenting Strategy to Your Technology
  • Developing a Patent Strategy for Licensing
  • Preparation of Patent Applications
  • Patent Prosecution Strategy
  • Obtaining Valid Patents & Desired Results
  • International Patent Considerations
  • Licensing – Basic Issues
  • Preparing to License a Patent Portfolio
  • Accelerating Licensing/Sale Process
  • Average Patent Portfolio/ Licensing Event Timings

Speaker:  Joshua Goldberg – Nath, Golberg & Meyer (USA)

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)
Listen to the Webinar  Listen to the Recording (Audio Only)

Supplemental Unemployment Benefits - the Evolution of Severance

Learn About:

  • Severance programs generally
  • What is a SUB-Pay plan and how does it work?
  • Why employers choose SUB-Pay
  • Program design options
  • Legal requirements – IRS, State, ERISA
  • Administrative and employee relations considerations
  • Savings illustrations
  • Implementation checklist

Speaker: Elizabeth Corley, RVI Group

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)

The Importance of Office Ergonomics

Learn About:

  • The importance of office ergonomics
  • Understand office ergonomics are
  • Understand why office ergonomics are important
  • How you can deliver office ergonomics throughout an organisation

Speaker: Gerald Whitehouse, Chaos Ergonomics

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)
Listen to the Webinar  Listen to the Recording (Audio Only)

The Seven Secrets of Successful Networking

Learn About:

  • What is networking
  • Personal branding
  • The importance of networking
  • Where people meet and add value
  • How to network – the seven important steps of networking

Speaker:  Michael Samuels, Great Oak Capital Limited

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)

Listen to the Webinar  Listen to the Recording (Audio Only)

USA Immigration Law Landscape Under a New President

Learn About:

  • What you need to know about US Immigration Law.
  • The prospects for changes under a new president in 2017.
  • Immigration options for your company and your employees.
  • Dealing with the concerns of foreign national employees.
  • Navigating the bureaucratic maze – how to obtain visas and Green Cards.
  • How to get foreign national employees to want to stay with your company.

Speaker: Mr. Bennett Savitz – Savitz Law Offices

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)

Using the Solicitor's Regulation Authority Competency-based approach to design and implement performance reviews

Learn About:

  • Recruitment and how competency frameworks fit to help you in the process.
  • How competency frameworks help you develop your practice and meet your obligation to manage your CPD professionally under the new SRA regimen.
  • How to run performance reviews in the new competency frameworks.

Speaker: Adrian (‘Mac’) Mackay, DAW Limited

Watch the Webinar  View the Recording (Video + Audio)
Listen to the Webinar  Listen to the Recording (Audio Only)

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